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Assessing potentials

We support our clients in identifying the potentials of existing or future employees, e.g. as part of external / internal employee selection, in the identification of individual personnel development needs or as part of targeted follow-up / career planning.

When using the instruments described below, we are happy to work in collaboration with observers or interviewers from the “client’s side”. Our customers naturally also have the alternative option of obtaining completely independent, external expert consultation from us.

We work mainly with the following instruments:

  • Assessment / development center (individual and group level)
    • Simulations of real-life situations (lasting one day or several days)
  • Structured interview (one participant)
    • Partially standardized interview derived from given criteria using situational, behavior-oriented real-life simulations
  • Management audit (one participant)
    • Combination of interview and elements from the assessment / development center
    • Applies in particular for individuals at higher levels of the hierarchy or candidates for key positions

What our clients appreciate about us

"Our services focus on
the potentials of your employees."