Jörg Widmann

Jörg Widmann Personal details

Born in 1968

Business graduate (Dipl.-Kaufmann), degree from the University of Mannheim, major in personnel, organization, occupational and organizational psychology

Professional experience

  • Trainer and evaluator of potentials since 1996
  • Consultant, project and team leader at Institute for Training and Management Consultancy in Cologne from 1996 to 2000
  • Founding of Klötzer & Widmann Kompetenzentwicklung in the year 2000
  • Internationally active for many years (events held in English in Europe, USA)
  • Guest lecturer at universities

Main areas of focus

  • The selection and development of personnel
    • Assessment of potentials at the individual and group level (assessment/development centers, management audits, interviews for assessing potentials)
    • Training in the areas of communication and conversation skills
    • Training in the area of assessing potentials
  • Moderation of workshops, team events etc.

My motivation

The main focus of my work are the potentials of the participants – even after 25 years in this profession, I continue to be fascinated by how multi-faceted they can be.

"Our services focus on
the potentials of your employees."

Our services focus on the potentials of your employees.