Assessing potentials

In this area, we mainly work with the following tools:

  • Assessment/Development Center: Simulation of several realistic, success-critical activities and/or case studies for the purpose of selection (Assessment Center) or development (Development Center).
  • Interview: Partially standardized process that usually includes aspects oriented towards the past (personal history) and future; we also work with short behavior-oriented (situational) simulation sequences spontaneously integrated into the interview process (based on critical incidents relevant to success which are either given by the interviewee or have specific importance for the target position).
  • Management Audit: Combination of interview techniques as well as Assessment and Development Center elements.

In Assessment and Development Centers, we work at both the group and individual levels. For the Interview and Management Audit, we focus on individual participants (e.g. senior management).

In the planning and implementation of our activities, we are happy to work together with client experts (e.g. specialists from technical departments, HR). As an alternative, our clients also have the option to obtain completely independent, external expert advice from us.

What our clients appreciate about us

"Our services focus on
the potentials of your employees."

Our services focus on the potentials of your employees.